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Orchid Tierney :: Gyrotexts

Freaked ivy | of the petronauts also brier on Henderson Island | BOPPs with organs | saving & thrift would be the worst form of citizenship today | plastic scrap is not waste | it’s raining catastrophes & doilies | everything flows | how much CO2 can a poem puddle? | 18 tonnes of plastic | neatherds | pool pure products of a merry go round | laminate crabs | corpseing on slow currents | thick sinks | quelch pressure | polymer passports | let’s use the word plastics with pride! | now beautiful plants…last forever thanks to Anode Plastisols | clear morass, fulcrum soon | pacific soupy melting pot | the best things in life come in cellophane | resin citizenship | red skyscraper at nimbus, shibboleth’s delusion; red skyscraper in mortar, shibboleth’s warrior |

water in the Capitol | camels graze on grass | grain grows in the north | buffering oceans | melt floods a quarter of Florida & Louisiana |sea smog pasta rolls | albatrosses gobble fush pens | human beans are now carrying out a large scale  geophysical experiment | the rheology of poetry | winters were harder when they were boys | catepillers digest plastic bags to get out | Grandpa wasn’t kidding | weathernauts claim  the world…is growing warmer | dust has acooling effect | those easily affected by  sudden climate change | crab & oyster larvae consume & excrete microplastics |We have a mess on our hands is another way of saying a bad accident | cannot do better than take Baxter's Lung Preserver as a safe precaution against coughs & cold | a billion people starving | it’s not merely | of academic interest | circumpolar vortex the planet’s overall albedo | The raisin in Spain stays mainly in the plantain! |

it’s a straitjacket in a teardrop | coral found in rocks in Greenland suggests it must have once been warm | the real global temperature is expected to rise by 7.36 degrees celcius | The say every woman finds her master | what is survival in a heat wave? | every coachman has a singer lisp |The girls can flirt and other queer things can do | the power of the gasoline car is its sex | a circumscribed radius | motorised femininity is electric | a scientific perambulator | throw cedar to the wine |a fairyland-weaver frigate has their headdress in the clowns |as a mayoress of fairway | No license should be granted to anyone under eighteen…and never to a woman, unless, possibly, for a car driven by electric power | it’s the cameraman before the stranger | I’ve always desired to drive a roadster | ceci n’est pas une | 

Orchid Tierney is from New Zealand/Aotearoa/Philadelphia. Her chapbooks include Brachiation (Dunedin: GumTree Press, 2012) and The World in Small Parts (Chicago: Dancing Girl Press, 2012), and a full length sound translation of the Book of Margery Kempe, Earsay (TrollThread, 2016). She co-edits Supplement, an annual anthology on Philadelphia writing.

This sequence of poems comes from a work-in-progress, exploring the entanglements of fossil fuels, PA fracking, oceanic chemistry, Island rights, climate change, human and nonhuman carbon-based cosmonauts as seen through my misreadings, malapropisms, misidentifications and misseeings, amplified by the Nu Zild accent in a variety of textual sources to find vocabularies to verbify slow ecological violence into new speeds, to create textual gyres that mimic the new soups/islands in the Great Pacific Garbage Patch. The above sequence contains original language patched with phrases from news reports, advertisements, and Oulipo’d weather oriented cliches.

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