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Michael Sikkema :: [alien music effect]


[piano in other room]

[cash register dings and closes]

[blood pounds in the ears of the planet]

[agonized groans]

[microscopic laughter]

[microscopic laughter continues infinitely]


[snarling at opposite window]

[operatic candle flame]

[metallic jangling]

[electronic rattling]

[sudden silence]

[staticky sports announcer details all of your personal shortcomings]


[deep tragic sighs]

[furious typing]

[nerve clusters sizzle]

[ice clinks in glass]

[whiskey pours]

[sun melts down to the left, bubbles]

[knocking at the door]

[packages ripped open]

[gleeful giggling]

[fabric tears]

[furious typing]


[tires screech]

[bells chime]

[organ playing]

[water runs down the walls, humming]

[summer boils in the tamaracks]

[a demon is spun out of a turnip]


[pupils dilate]

[loud hissing]



[door in the figure’s chest slides open]

[the bells of 6-7 horns slide out]

[anthems dilute birdsong]

[birds vibrate, transform into black pears]

[pears open, play pop country, classic rock, and the feel good, light hits of the ‘70’s.]


[smoldering child pukes buttons on keyboard]

[gonorrhea in F major]

[sharp pebbles drop from clouds]

Michael Sikkema is the author of 4 books of poetry, several chapbooks and collaborative chapbooks, and 3 country songs. He edits Shirt Pocket Press.

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