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I didn’t expect an explosion,
but there was an explosion.
Somebody had left

a partially torn-down meth setup
in the kitchen of the house,
so that fucker went up

like we had dropped a bomb on it.
We couldn’t disappear after that.
We were on our asses after that.

Everybody with a camera phone
finished taking our pictures while
we waited for the police.

We stank from the effort.  I wanted
to smell like a fire, but I didn’t.
I smelled like a long, beautiful night

that ended with an ending
that could never wash off.  I fidgeted
a little in the first rising dust

of the day.  I watched the flames
& thought of the horses
from the creek.  They would have

been so proud of us right now.
I thought of my friend’s dead wife.
I fell asleep on that road

& I dreamed of no terror
& I dreamed up until they cuffed me
& reminded me of my many rights.

Darren C. Demaree: I am the author of six poetry collections, most recently Many Full Hands Applauding Inelegantly (2016, 8th House Publishing). My seventh collection Two Towns Over was selected as the winner of the Louise Bogan Award by Trio House Press, and is scheduled to be released in March of 2018. I am the Managing Editor of the Best of the Net Anthology and Ovenbird Poetry.

I am currently living and writing in Columbus, Ohio with my wife and children.

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Elidio La Torre Lagares :: Six poems

walking in Rome
male cicadas foretell the sun
the distance of rain as we walk
through Rome on the 25th of July:
the history of Empire

i touch the breath of fireinside
my mouth birds peck at
dormant words under my steps

roads lead into alibis for an idea of time
when tutte strada vanno a Roma

lady Cicadas, on the other hand, treasure
silence around the marbled stories
of Villa Burghese

Sophie walks beside me painting
the air longing dreams
the world conforms a canvasher voice
a ripe fruit that floats
on the Roman landscape

from the hills of Villa Medici the city
spreads like the wings of an eagle of light
constantly diffusing emergingsomehow
the impending clearance of dependences
melts with the gradation of memories the precise
clockwork of stages

with loss and life to gain

clouds travel homeless


The Roman Colosseum-
round as a certainty
or the eye of a hurricane-
was once one of the
seventh wonders
of the world. But, little
is known of it compared
to the years it has outlasted
time and earth…

issue five :: May/June 2018